Safety – Equip-Sys’s Objectives

Equip-Sys is committed to achieving Customer’s Satisfaction and Protecting our Employees & OCCUPATION, HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT shall be part of everything WE DO and every decision WE MAKE.

  1. Meeting customer’s requirement and satisfaction
  2. Create a Health and Safety working environment for our employees and community.
  3. In compliance with applicable Occupation, Health, Safety and Environmental Law of Singapore to prevent pollution, occupational diseases and damage to the environment.
  4. Achieve continual Occupation, Health, Safety and Environmental performance improvement through regular audits and periodic review of management system effectiveness.
  5. Will communicate Occupation, Health, Safety and Environmental policies, responsibilities and action to all levels of staff.
  6. Share and address Occupational, Health, Safety and Environmental concerns with all interested parties.

Site Safety

Our Aim for each and every project undertaken by Equip-Sys

  1. To set up site with ZERO accident due to unsafe conditions.
  2. Preventive coordination to achieve ZERO accident due to unsafe act.
  3. Better OHSAS performance through ZERO MOM fines and accident.
  4. Continual Improvement in ALL departments.

Emergency Response Team